Full Sail Armada

Full Sail Armada Enters CCL Playoffs

After nine weeks of matches, Full Sail Armada’s Call of Duty team has advanced to the playoffs for the 2020 season.

Full Sail Armada Enters CCL Playoffs - Hero image

CCL 2020 has been an exciting clash of collegiate Call of Duty teams vying for a playoff spot and their chance to become the number one team in the country. With the regular season over and the playoffs imminent, Full Sail Armada’s varsity Call of Duty team is in an excellent position, ranked second in the Southeast Division and in seventh place among the entire league's 32 teams.

With some clutch moments, dynamite solo plays, and exceptional teamwork the team is set to launch into the playoffs with guns blazing.

For updates on matches and game streams, check out College CoD’s Twitter and tune in to their Twitch channel to see Full Sail Armada and their competitors in action, starting May 1.

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