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Armada Students Gain Tournament Experience with Super Girl Gamer Pro

Armada students, grads, and staff recently traveled to Jacksonville, FL to assist at the Super Girl Series Festival’s co-ed esports tournament.

A group of five people standing in front of a large festival tent with rows of gaming computers set up inside.

The Super Girl Series recently returned to Jacksonville, Florida for the annual festival celebrating women in a variety of different industries from board sports to esports. The large-scale, two-day event hosted over 60,000 attendees and included a Super Girl Gamer Pro Co-ed Rocket League Duos Tournament, brought to life with the assistance of the Full Sail Armada team.

Students, grads, and staff headed to Jacksonville to help organize and manage the second oceanside tournament, following a successful trip to San Diego earlier this year.

“Being that Full Sail is in Orlando, it was really nice to work with a company that knows the Florida community a little bit and is able to really be a key partner in helping facilitate bringing this event to life. Assisting with both the promotion of it, getting teams involved, getting teams hyped, getting people just talking about the mission, and talking about the platform [was a benefit],” shares Super Girl Esports Director Amanda Ball about the relationship with Full Sail.

Competing in Rocket League, nine teams faced off in the open co-ed tournament where Armada students and staff assisted in setting up, organizing players, and kicking off gameplay.

Led by Full Sail University Production Coordinator Garrett Gajewski, the group assisting the team at Super Girl included Armada Student President Jagger Fenwick along with students Aren Guinane and Erika Gonzalez. The event gave students the opportunity to gain real-world experience managing the Rocket League tournament, working in roles as observers and tournament organizers during the two-day festival.

Partnering with Full Sail as its production partner for the third consecutive year, the team at Super Girl said that the level of production experience that comes with the Armada road crew – along with Armada’s alignment with Super Girl’s mission to celebrate women across sports, entertainment, and games – made it a natural collaboration.

“Aligning with a partner and an organization that believes the same thing that we do and philosophically aligns holds a lot of value as well. We don't necessarily want to work with a local team just because it's going to save us money or just because it's easier logistically. We'd rather give this opportunity to a partner that believes in the mission,” shares Amanda.

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