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Player Spotlight: Bik

One of Full Sail Armada’s most active supporters and members, Bik’s continued support of charity work in the gaming community serves as an inspiration to others.

Player Spotlight: Bik - Hero image

Full Sail's Armada athletes are a group of bright, talented individuals, and each player brings their own special energy and skills to the team. In this series of player profiles, we're shining a spotlight on a few of the students who make up our teams, to show how their unique personalities make Full Sail Armada so special. Today, we’re looking at Media Communications student Bik, the coach of Full Sail Armada’s Rocket League team.

Bik is always looking for new opportunities to support the team and his peers and can be found at the forefront of Armada’s initiatives with an open heart and mind, ready to tackle challenges, and provide any support he can to his fullest capacity.

This is especially true when it comes to Full Sail Armada’s involvement with charities. At present, he has been involved with all of Armada’s charity streams, including the GCX charity stream (one of his top three Armada experiences), Extra Life, and the World Marrow Donor Day Stream2Swab charity stream with his playthrough of Super Mario Galaxy.

One of the defining moments that cemented Bik’s continued involvement with charity streaming was the 2019 Extra Life streaming marathon at the Fortress. During the event, Bik’s stream clocked nearly $1000 in donations and marked him as the top student earner for Full Sail University. “It made me want to go into helping out with charities,” he says about the experience.

Being a part of these events fills Bik with a great sense of accomplishment and pride, and his enthusiasm for getting involved has been noticed by fellow Armada athletes and staff.

“Bik always uses his time to give back. His heart for helping others is something to be admired,” says Armada Team Manager Hoyt Dingus. “He is among the most dedicated members of the Full Sail Armada community and we are lucky to have him among our family.”

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