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Team Spotlight: Apex Legends

Respawn's battle royale game was one of the most requested additions to the Armada roster.

Team Spotlight: Apex Legends - Hero image

Full Sail Armada's roster of competitive titles recently expanded with the addition of the much-requested battle royale, Apex Legends.

With fresh talent inducted into Armada's ranks and a new game mode allowing for more competitive opportunities, Armada has taken the opportunity to step onto the Apex Legends stage with a debut team featuring Armada veterans and newcomers alike.

"Being a part of an inaugural team is such an honor. Knowing that you're a part of a first-ever is something that you can hold on to," says newcomer GAP-GAP. "Since it's an inaugural team, there might be some new things we will do that haven’t been done before. It will definitely be an adventure I'm looking forward to."

Helmed by the team's seasoned coach and captain, PeptoAbysmal, Armada's Apex team adds even greater depth to its competitive potential thanks to its members having previous experience in other competitive shooters. As Pepto discovered, several of the team's members were building upon their Apex skills far in advance of the team's official formation, dedicating hours of refinement alongside regular practice in games like Valorant and Overwatch.

"An Apex Legends team is something that the Armada community has wanted for quite a while, and here we are!" says Pepto. "With the introduction of this team, their passion [will] be put to work, and…the team will continue to become bigger, better, and even more tight-knit in the months to come!"

With Armada veterans mentoring (and learning from) the organization's freshmen and capable leadership from one of Armada's original members, the Apex Legends team is set to establish a legend all their own.

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