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Armada Announces Newest Student Officers

Get to know the Full Sail University students that make-up Armada’s governing body.

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Full Sail Armada is happy to introduce our newest student officers. These new leaders will fill a range of roles for the organization, working to maintain a strong sense of community and competitive readiness for Armada's teams.

Kevin "Kevurnio" Patel – Student Director of Esports, Armada Club President

A Game Design bachelor’s student, Kevurnio is also a member of the Armada Varsity Rocket League team. In addition to his work on the competitive side of esports, Kevurnio has also worked in production roles at events like Red Bull Solo Q.

"My primary focus as President and Student Director of Esports is to ensure that Full Sail Armada is at the forefront of collegiate esports while shaping collegiate esports to be more diverse and accepting," he says. "I'm looking forward to uniting all Armada members and connecting them with other communities through events, local LANs, and community gatherings."

Brian "BreanuReeves" Woods, Community Manager

Stream Team member and Digital Cinematography bachelor’s student BreanuReeves has been plugged into Armada’s community space from early on and is a perfect fit for guiding community-focused initiatives. Check him out over on his Twitch channel as well as the Armada Twitch channel.

Jordan "Esoterik" Hinojosa, Student Leadership Development Manager

Esoterik is the Armada Varsity Call of Duty captain and an Entertainment Business master’s  student. He’s gone by many names since joining Armada (including Rico and Football Super Star), but one thing has remained consistent and that is his dedication to helping other members of the Armada community grow into capable leaders.

"From my experience working with multiple teams in Armada, I think the key to success and seeing a positive change in the competitive arena is accountability," he says about his approach to developing leadership potential in others. "Once you begin to instill the accountability in any leadership role, you will see growth and change…before you know it, you’re a Top 10 team in your league."

Christian "SonicBatz" Hale, Community Leader

You may recognize SonicBatz from our earlier spotlight on him, but for those who don’t know, SonicBatz is a Stream Team member and Game Art bachelor’s student who prides himself on staying in tune with the Armada community. His weekly Community Game Night invites members to vote on the game he will stream and participate directly during his gameplay.

If you have not done so, join our Discord server and come chat with our officers now. If you are interested in joining Full Sail Armada, head over to our Resources page to learn about becoming a member of our growing community.

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