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Armada Spotlight: Bryan ‘Bryonic’ Flores

Sportscasting and New Media Journalism grad Bryan “Bryonic” Flores shares the impact Armada has had on his journey into broadcasting.

A man with short black hair in a graduation robe with an orange Full Sail sash holding a cap decorated with stickers.

For Bryan “Bryonic” Flores, being a commentator for video games was never really the plan. In fact, the recent Full Sail grad didn’t think much of video games at all when he first enrolled in the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting. “I’m one to wear my former ignorance on my sleeve and to be honest, I never considered esports to be a real sport back then.”

However as Bryan started on his Full Sail journey and the opportunity to gain experience casting for games came to his attention, he decided to give it a chance. Passionate about traditional sports and an avid NHL fan, Bryan found he was able to apply the same principles from his experience casting for high school hockey games in his home state of California to his work with Full Sail Armada teams. Rocket League, a video game rooted in traditional sports, served as the perfect venue for Bryan to develop his skills and space for him to gain a new appreciation for esports.

“The Rocket League guys, they all rallied around me and they got me to where I am today,” says Bryan. “I hate being the new guy because it's like no one extends that olive branch... Armada was never like that. It all started with people who talked to me and eased me into this.”

Having exhibited his proficiency in casting numerous times with Armada and Full Sail at events including the Special Olympics, the annual Hall of Game exhibition matches, and seasonal league play, Bryan has cemented his place as a caster in collegiate esports. He was even nominated as a finalist for Collegiate Shoutcaster of the Year at the 2022 NACE Awards.

An advocate for community, Bryonic makes a point to welcome new members to the Armada fold with all the support and care he received as a new member.

“I want to instill confidence because that's what Full Sail really is. No one's perfect to start off when they come to Full Sail. They're at ground level. But it's all about keeping that drive and keeping that spark alive.”

A recent gradate of the New Media Journalism master’s program, Bryan is continuing his career in casting and broadcast journalism with the support of the entire Armada community. His advice to incoming casters is for them to just be themselves.

“Don't be reserved about it [or think] 'I'm not good enough for this.’ Just try! You never know. And when it comes to casting, be authentically yourself.”

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