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'Valorant' and 'Smash' Teams Make Tournament Gains

Full Sail Armada teams continue to shine this season with finalist positions across multiple events.

'Valorant' and 'Smash' Teams Make Tournament Gains - Hero image

Full Sail Armada's momentum continues this season as our athletes and teams continue to make impressive finishes across multiple collegiate esports events.

Armada's Valorant team finished out the NACE Valorant Fall Cup Playoffs with a top 16 finish following a victory against SNHU Esports in the round of 32. The team advanced further into the playoff brackets after securing a win against Southern New Hampshire University before being defeated by St. Andrews University Knights in the playoff's second round.

Omen player and Valorant team coach Bear was impressed with the results – especially considering the newness of the team and the collegiate Valorant scene.

"Valorant is still really young and has a long way to go," Bear says. "With Valorant being newer, I feel like a lot of teams have large skill disparities and that strategies are very bare."

In order to accommodate for these disparities, the team opted to forgo tactics that might be found in similar games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and decided that the best strategy was to be reactive instead of proactive.

"We were a very adaptive team and played based off of the other teams' play-styles," says Bear.

Our team comps were crucial in winning us some really big matches."

Happy, once again flexing his incredible Smash Bros. prowess, took home a first-place finish in Unified Esports Association's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament after winning a dramatic final battle against fellow Armada athlete, SamoaJoe.

Throughout the month of the tournament, both players were neck and neck and matched each other's scores at the end of the tournament. In order to determine their final rankings, both players met in a best-of-three match to settle the score.

"It was honestly amazing. I not only won my first esports event, but it was against someone I had a rivalry with for quite some time, " says Happy. "It just meant that much more to me when I won."

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